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Membership Information

Membership Information

The purpose of Roma Lodge is to enroll in its membership all men of Italian birth, descent or lineage regardless of religious faith or political affiliation. To be eligible for membership, a man must meet these qualifications:

  1. He has reached the age of twenty-one (21) years, and
  2. He was born of an Italian parent, or a parent of Italian lineage, OR
  3. He was adopted by an Italian parent, or a parent of Italian lineage, OR
  4. He is the spouse of a person who is Italian, or of Italian lineage, OR
  5. He is the spouse of a person adopted by a person of Italian lineage.
  6. He submits the results of genetic testing that shows Italian ancestry.

    In addition, all applicants must be sponsored by a regular member (Proponent) who has been a member in good standing for the previous 24 months (two years).

The Application Form must be completed in full and signed by both the Applicant and the Proponent.  The Proponent should submit the completed application form and the non-refundable application fee from the Applicant to the Roma Lodge Membership Secretary Mike Peratt  -  (262) 206-9930.

The Handbook for New Applicants and Proponents details the procedures for becoming a Roma Lodge Member. This booklet along with the application form are available from the Membership Secretary or by downloading from this site by clicking on HANDBOOK FOR NEW APPLICANTS AND PROPONENTS - APPLICATION

2024 Membership Screening Committee Interview Schedule