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Roma Lodge Committees as of May 2017

Advisory Committee to RIWA (Bar, Beverage, Food Service, Sales and Marketing
Provides oversight of the RIWA and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors to improve and enhance RIWA operations.
 - Dave Chiapete - Chairman   (262) 939-5914

Bar and Beverage Committee

Oversees the operations of the Roma Lodge bar services including prices and inventory.
(Included with RIWA Advisory Committee)

Keeps Board informed of the needs of the Bingo operations.
 - Jim Faraone - Chairman (262) 657-1244  

Coordinates bocce leagues and events for men's leagues, tournaments, Children's Bocce, couples leagues, and Vittoria Colonna.   
 - Tony Povkovich - Bocce Chairman (262) 637-3784

 Buildings & Grounds

Makes recommendations to the Board on Lodge physical plant improvements, and maintenance. 
Jim Faraone - Chairman  (262) 657-1244

Cares Committees
Reviews and recommends to the Board donations to be given by the Lodge to various organizations.
 - Ed Habel - Chairman (262) 945-0911


Plans and operates the Roma Lodge Italian Festival.
  - Pat Diem - Chairman (262) 530-2988 
  - Joe Buscemi (262) 634-7623
  - Joe DeMatthew (262) 989-1682
  - Tom Garbo (262) 639-1437
  - Doug Goebel, (262) 554-7316 
  - Gary Lipor (262) 681-9124
  - Russ Missureli (262) 633-6582
  - John Pisanello (262) 939-5650
  - Rick Tringali - Festival Raffle Ticket Sales (262) 504-9950

Funeral Service Calling Tree                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Notifies members of a Roma Lodge Funeral Service scheduled for a deceased member

Ed Habel - Chairman (262) 945-9011                                                                                                                                                                                       

Reviews applications for membership in Roma Lodge, interviews new applicants and proponents, reviews reports on status of probationary members, and makes recommendations to the Board considering applicants and probationary members.

Doug Goebel, - Chairman (262) 554-7316 
- Frank Bisotti - (262) 652-9779
- Greg DaPra (262) 639-6247

Jerry Perona, (262) 632-9172
Pat Tierney (262) 598-0369

Newsletter & PR
Publishes information about Lodge activities, events, and other items of interest to Roma Lodge members in the monthly Roma Lodge newsletter.
- Anthony Povkovich - Editor - (262) 637-6734
Michael Kroes - Proofreader

Planning & By-Laws
Codifies bylaw changes proposed and approved by the Roma Lodge membership, maintains records of Roma Lodge rules approved by the Board of Directors, and recommends rules or bylaws that may impact the future of the Lodge.
Jeff DeMatthew  - Chairman  (262) 880-7474

Seeks applicants for the annual Roma Lodge Academic Scholarships, provides for non-Lodge reviewers, and presents scholarship awards to recipients.
Michael Kroes - Chairman 
- Jerry Perona, (262) 632-9172

Sick & Shut-ins
Notifies membership of those members who are ill or who have passed away, and sends messages to members or family members on behalf of the Lodge.
Jim Faraone - Chairman, (262) 657-1244 

Plans and coordinates Roma Lodge members social events.

-- Chairman
-  Zuddy DeRose 681-3576

Web Page
Maintains the Roma Lodge web page -
Jerry Perona, (262) 632-9172*
 - Anthony Povkovich 262-637-3784

- Joe Cicero  (414) 379-1620
 - Michael Kroes