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- Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

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Mission and Purpose

Members of Roma Lodge share a deep appreciation of their Italian heritage and the continuing contributions of Italian-Americans to life in the United States. The Lodge is dedicated to its motto, "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity." It strives to enroll in its membership all men of Italian birth, descent, or lineage, regardless of religious faith or political affiliation.

The Roma Lodge By-Laws detail the purposes of the Lodge. Some of these include:

  • Foster a pride in, and awareness of Italian culture through lectures, conferences, study groups, tours, and classes

  • Foster a fraternal relationship among its members, a commitment to the goals of the organization, and a feeling of pride in the value of the Lodge

  • Carry on human relations activities on a charitable basis for the purpose of showing the community the positive force of Italian-American citizens

  • Plan, promote, and carry out charitable, educational, and cultural activities which will best serve the welfare of Americans of Italian descent and the community at large

  • Promote civic education among its members with the use of speakers, presentations, and other events

  • Keep alive a spiritual attachment to the traditions and beliefs of our Italian ancestors