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Candidates Under Consideration

Candidates Under Consideration

Screened, board approved, and recommended for a vote at the October 13, 2023 Membership Meeting

Dominic Galati, Jr, age 69 
Mt. Pleasant, WI 
Born in New Orleans, LA
Married (Pamela Galati) with three children
Italian lineage is via Father
Proponent: Rick Bonanno

Bremer, Matthew, age 40 
Mt. Pleasant, WI 
Employed by Rockwell Automation, Sales Planning and Process Manager
Married, with one child, Wife is of Italian descent (Zicarelli)
Proponent: Ronald Zicarelli

Raffini, Jeff, age 61 
Racine, WI 
Employed by Self Employed
Married, Joanne, with three children, Mother is of Italian descent (Wells/Guido)
Proponent: Rick Bonanno

Mason, Luke, age 30 
Mt. Pleasant, WI 
Employed by City of Racine, Firefighter
Married, Myanna with no children, Father is of Italian descent (Mason)
Proponent: Tim Mason

Application received. Applicant will be screened by the Membership Committee on September 29, 2023.

Buhler, David, age 67 
Racine, WI 
Single, with no children, mother is of Italian descent (Mazzei)
Proponent: John Pisanello

For any questions about these candidates, contact Membership Secretary:  Pat Tierney  -  (262) 960-2855